Our adventure with cynology began in 2005 year, when came to us our first crested - Veni Otello Sub-O-Divo "Toffi".
Thanks to him, it was given to us to be at the World Dog Show in Denmark in 2010 year and then first time we saw thai ridgebak dogs - it was love at first sight!

They were slender, elegant, majestic, with an interesting color and type of coat.
And this face ... intelligent and thoughtful.
We could not stop to look at them!

When we back to home, we started to look for information about the breed, studied pedigrees, lines and we got to know contacts
with breeders from around the world... and thus after long 4 years of looking ideal thai, we could fulfill our dream ... twice :)

In january 2015 to our home came blue girl - Kanani Gattaca Volarius "Shylka".
She is from polish kennel and she has very nice pedigree with many Interchampions, Multichampions and World Winners!
Shylka introduced into our dogs-family a lot of positive clumsiness! We could see for hours, like a little Shylka very clumsily tried to play
with clever and agile cresteds.

In march 2015 came to us blue boy - Emiresky Harley Davidson "Beryl" - imported from Russia.
He has also "king blood" and many Champions in pedigree.

And began... what is better than one thai? TWO THAIS! :)
Shylka from the very beginning felt a magical bond with Beryl and to today they are best friends. They had a great understand,
they could playing maaaany hours... and we observe them and we don`t need TV :)


I hope that you will enjoy  visit to Gattaca Chinese Cresteds and come back often!!
And feel free to contact with us if you have some questions!