We are Magdalena and Halina Kucko.
We live in Poland, and here we have chinese crested dogs kennel.

Our adventure with crested has been begun in 2005 year, when it came to us our cherish a dream hairless 
male - Veni Otello Sub-O-Divo (Toffi). He has introduced for our house mass of joy, love and positive energy!
All the time he played, he accompanied us in every home activities, he was like shadow, our little lovely shadow.

He enslave our hearts for this degree, that in march 2005 came to us hairless female - Fraszka z Gangu Lysych (Milka).
Veni and Fraszka are like twins. They can not live without, and we without they.

From this time our family is a little bigger :)

We know, that property of dog, reproduction, breeding, it is big liability. So, we have several dogs, to be able to let each dog stay in the centre of attention.
Litter in our kennel are seldom, becuase our priority is quality, not amount.

Birth of pups are for us particular event. Then, whole our time we devote for they.
Each litter, we foster very carefully, in family atmosphere at home. For our pups we look only the best, caring and lovely homes.
Their future life and wellfare are very important to us.

From when we have chinese crested dogs, they are whole our life and we can't imagine to live without crested!!!
They are our kids, our little family members.

I hope that you will enjoy  visit to Gattaca Chinese Cresteds and come back often!

And just remember, chinese crested dogs are like chips, you will take one, and you want more :)