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- NEWS -

We are so proud and happy!!!! Our AmberEyes'Magoc An Arrow Of Fortune is proud father of 9 beautiful puppies!!!
They were born in kennel Cordata (Czeh Republic).
Congratulations beautiful Darwa and breeder Kamila Volfova, owner Martina Horáková!
Good luck little ones!!!




We wish you all beautiful, happy and full of love Christmas and that all your dreams come true in the New Year 2017!!!



The new PWD "D" litter arrived!!!
The puppies were born on 5.11.2016.
4 boys (2 black -weavy, 1 black-curly, 1 brown-weavy) and 7 girls (2 black-weavy, 2 black-curly, 3 brown-weavy).
Amalka and all puppies doing very well!

Boys                                                                                         Girls



This beautiful, very special, clever, inteligent girl with wonderful personality is looking for realy lovely show/working home (with special contract).
Please contact us on e-mail!

AmberEyes'Magic Calypso
dob: 22.07.2016



PWD "D" litter - puppies cooming soon...



2 x International & National Dog Shows Turda (Romania)
AmberEyes'Magic A'propos Good Luck - 3 x CAC, 2 x CACIB and 3 x BOB
and with this results he is already ROMANIAN CHAMPION!!!!



10 beautiful girls! 4 black/black with white markings, 6 brown/brown with white markings.
Some puppies are still available. Please contact us for more informations.



 International Dog Show Budapest Grand Prix (HU)

AmberEyes'Magic A'Propos Good Luck - Goofy - CAC, CACIB, BOB under judge Mr. Kardos Vilmos (HU)
 and he finished this great day on III place in the group under judge Mr. Ozan Belkis (TRK)


Tulipanos Berni Typhoon - very promissing I, BOB Puppy and shortlisted among the 6 best puppies in the BIS!
Judge: Lisbeth Mach (CH)


International Dog Show Szilvasvarad (HU)
Great and happy day for my own bred Goofy!!! He run for a CAC, CACIB, BOB and finally Best of Group IV !!!!!


AmberEyes Magic Carnaval Carioca (daugther of Tulipanos Berni Mr.Mig) won the junior class at Szilvasvarad CACIB 15.05.2016!
She became with it Hungaria Junior Champion, earned also Cruft's Qualification and BOB Junior under the judging of Steven D. Gladstone (USA).


International Dog Show in Szilvasvarad (HU) 15.05.2016
 AmberEyes'Magic A'Propos Good Luck "Goofy" CAC, CACIB, BOB, Cruft's Qualification under judge Simu Calin Horea (RO).
Goofy was handled by my daughter - Alex - thanks a lot! :-) With this results Goofy is already our new Hungarian Champion!!!!
Finaly Goofy won res.BOG under judge Marin Riadi (D)!


Our youngest Bernese Tulipanos Berni Typhoon very promissing I, BOB Puppy and shortlisted among the 6 best puppies in the BIS!



International Dog Show Pecs (HU)
Our Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen - AmberEyes'Magic Ancymon - did very well and got HPJ, Best Junior and BOB !!!
With this result he is already Hungarian Junior Champion!!!


Our Bernese did super on the same show: Nagyszentgyörgyi-Berni Calvin Harris took both days CAC and Res.CACIB,
lil girl AmberEyes Magic Carnaval Carioca was 1x Exc.2 place, and 1x HPJ, Best Junior and BOS!



It was amazing weekend again!!! So many friends from different country, beautiful weather and great results on duo CACIB in Nitra (Slovakia).
02.03 - Brooke got exc., CAJC, DeeDee exc., Res.CAC, Res. CACIB
03.03 - Brooke: exc., CAJC and BOB, DeeDee exc., Res. CAC, Res. CACIB


and Alex did great with her Bernese: Calvin (Nagyszentgyörgyi-Berni Calvin Harris) in open class: 1.day Exc. 2/7, Res. CAC , 2.day Exc.3/7.
Mango (AmberEyes Magic Carnaval Carioca) was both days Exc. 2/10 in junior females!




International Dog Show
Nitra (SK)

Amber Eyes` Magic Brooke - BOB PUPPY & BIS III FEMALE PUPPY


International Dog Show Turku (FIN)

Ilpo - Amber Eyes` Magic Bilbo - BOB PUPPY

Congratulations and thank you Mia Kontkanen és Susan Sandell!!!


International Dog Show Lahti (FIN)

Lovely Johnes - Amber Eyes` Magic Adventurer - BOB PUPPY

Photo by Jaana Honkanen

Congratulations and thank you Päivi Hyvärinen!!!




We have still some goergous GBGV and PWD puppies available to lovely show homes and lovely families.
All puppies have pet-passport, required vaccinations (including rabies), all have very lovely personality!

More info in ----> "Puppies"


Our first GBGV litter are born!!!!
Our Prugi and Bonsai are very proud parents about 6 males and 2 females!
Mom and all puppies doing very well.
We have still some available puppies.


International Dog Show Lodz (PL)

Amber Eyes` Magic Adara`s Light- CAC, CACIB, BOB!


The PWD puppies are born!!!
5 males & 6 females, all puppies are beautiful and doing very well!!!
More info in "Puppies"



Arno & Nathalie were at the international show of Luxemburg. PWDs were judged by Zeferino Silva from Portugal.

Amber Eyes` Magic Arno Be Happy - CACL, CACIB & BOB - he is LUX.CH from now!!

Congrats Nathalie!!!


CAC Salgotarjan - Hungary

Another great show - Calvin did it again smile hangulatjel 03.29. Salgótarján CAC.
He won the junior class, became with this win Hungaria Junior Champion - later he won the Best Junior and....BOB !!! (with only 14 months)

Bravo Calvin & Alex!!!





International Derby Show Zagreb Cruft`s Qualification & Winner Show (CRO)
We spend again amizing weekend on the Internationale Dog Show in Zagrab with our Amalka
and our young Bernese boy "Calvin".

Amber Eyes` Magic Amalka My Love
22.11 - only excelent, under judge Robert Kanas (SK)
23.11 - exc I, CAC, CACIB, BOS and ZAGREB WINNER, under judge Avi Marshak (ISR)

22.11.2014 he won his class, get Best Junior in Breed and Crafts Qualification under Mr.Rony Doedlins (NL).
On second day he won his class again, became Best Junior in Breed, Junior Zagreb Winner and also BOS ! (under Mr.Partha Sekhar Chatterjee - IND)
And he is with these results also Croatian Junior Champion!
We are really happy about and proud on our boy!





Again a fantastic day with PWD Friends!!!
Happy and proud of our AmberEyes Magic babies:

Amber Eyes` Magic An Arrow Of Fortune - excelent I, CAC (intermediate class)
Amber Eyes` Magic Amalka My Love - excelent I, CAC (intermediate class)

Amber Eyes` Magic Arno Be Happy - excelent II (intermediate class) - owned and handeled
by Nathalie Heger - thank you Nathalie and congratulations!!!

Many thanks for the judge Korozs Andras (HU)
It was very very nice to meet again all of you, my Friends!!! I hope we meet somewhere soon


International Derby Show Komarom (HU)
We had very nice day and we are very proud of our dogs!

Amber Eyes` Magic Amalka My Love - exc I, CAC, CACIB, DERBY WINNER & BOB!!!!
Amber Eyes` Magic An Arrow Of Fortune - CAC, CACIB, DERBY WINNER & BOS!!!



World Dog Show Helsinki (FIN)
What a day for us and our AmberEyes'Magic dogs on the WDS 2014 in Helsinki!!!

Amber Eyes` Magic An Arrow Of Fortune - excelent III/13 - junior class
Amber Eyes` Magic Amalka My Love - excelent III/17 - junior class
Amber Eyes` Magic Arno Be Happy - very good - junior class (ow: Nathalie Heger)

I`m very happy!!! Thank all those, who hold fast fingers crossed for us. The competition was realy strong.
I'm very, very happy about this results and this was nice to meet old and new friends and so mutch great PWDs!


International Dog Show Krakow (PL)
Amber Eyes` Magic An Arrow Of Fortune - exc I, CWC, CACIB
Amber Eyes` Magic Amalka My Love - exc I, CWC, res.CACIB

Both started PL.CH!


French Championship
Amber Eyes` Magic Arno Be Happy - CAC, CACIB, BOB and in the main ring Mister Arno won BIG 3!!! (group judge Mme Legrand Leloup)
This was great result for our Arno - he is only 15 monts old!

Thank you Nathalie!!!


National Dog Show Evreux &
Bailleul Sur Therain near Beauvais
Amber Eyes` Magic Arno Be Happy -
CAJC & BOB Junior and CAC & BOS


National Dog Show in Paris
Amber Eyes` Magic Arno Be Happy won BOB & BOB Junior, in the main ring in the best 5 juniors of the show and BIG 2


Easter International Dog Show Szilvásvárad (HU)
We spent a wonderful and very successful dog show weekend in Szilvásvárad (HU)

Amber Eyes` Magic An Arrow Of Fortune - HPJ, Best Junior, BOB, BOG 3th place
Amber Eyes` Magic Aranda For Dad - HPJ, BOS

Amber Eyes` MagicAn Arrow Of Fortune - HPJ, BOS, Cruft's Qualification 2015
Amber Eyes` Magic Amalka My Love - HPJ, Best Junior. BOB, Cruft's Qualification 2015, Res.BOG and Res. Junior BIS
Nagyszetngyörgyi-Berni Calvin Harris - Very Promissing 1., BOB Baby

Amber Eyes` Magic An Arrow Of Fortune - HPJ, Best Junior, BOB, BOG 4th place. And with these results he became Hungarian Junior Chapmion
Amber Eyes` Magic Aranda For Dad - HPJ, BOS


We are very happy about these results, especially proud of our Amalka!


Again great news from Italy!!!
AmberEyes'Magic Amusing Follow Me
"Riva" on the National Dog Show in Montichiari (I) - Best Junior and BOB!!!



All of our bernese puppies found their lovely homes.
We wish from whole of our heart them beautiful, happy lifes and big thanks goes for the new owners for taking so great care of our "lil" ones :)

Carmel Candy (female 1) - we wish her really happy life with Ronald Sart and his great company in France


Chili Con Carne (female 2) - lives in Romania with her lovely family. There was love from the first moment when they met :) 


Captain Jack (male 2) - and his lovely family. He stays in Hungary, and hopefully we can meet him very often :)


Chandler Limited (male 4) -  he is already a little star, living with his well knowed
owners Andy Vajna (producer of many famous moovies, like: Terminator, Ramboo) and Timea Vajna in Hungary.


Celebrity Look (female 3) stays in Nagyszentgyörgyi-Berni Kennel, Hungary and Calvin Harris (male 1) stays with AmberEyes' Magic Kennel, so with us
From left: Krisztina and Celebrity, Calvin and me :)



Cudi The Kid (male 3)  stays with us for a shorter time, but soon he will moove also to his new home :)




Great news again!
Amber Eyes` Magic
Arno Be Happy (owned/handled by Nathalie Heger-France) was showing in Luxemburg
and Arno became Luxembourg Junior Champion!!!

Big congratulations Arno and Nathalie for the great result!


Yes! Amalka & Goofy did very well on the International Dog Show in Katowice (PL)

Amber Eyes` Magic Amalka My Love got Junior Winner + BOS

Amber Eyes` Magic A`propos Good Luck  won Junior Winner, Best Junior and BOB!

With this results both are finisched POISH JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!
I'm very happy :)


Super news from Danila and Loris: 1.03, national show in Seville (Spain)
Amber Eyes`Magic Amusing Folow Me "Riva" won Best Young and BOB title!!!!
Big congratulations!!!

Arno did this again!!!
On the international dog show of Montlucon (France) Amber Eyes`Magic Arno Be Happy won BOB-Junior & BOS
and in the main ring under the judgements of Boris Chapiro Arno won BEST IN GROUP JUNIOR !!!!
Big congratulations Arno and Nathalie!


International Dog Show Gent (B)
Amber Eyes`Magic Arno Be Happy did great again with Nathalie! He won BOB Junior and BOS!


FEHOVA International Dog Show Budapest (HU)
Amber Eyes` Magic Amalka My Love - 3 x Youth Winner, 2 x Best Junior, 1 x BOS, 2 x BOB
Amber Eyes` Magic A`propos Good Luck - 4 x Youth Winner, 2 x Best Junior, 2 x BOS, 2 x BOB

With these results, Amalka and Goofy finnished the Hungarian Junior Champion title!


National Dog Show Bydgoszcz (PL)
Amber Eyes` Magic Amalka My Love - Youth Winner, Best Junior, BOB
Amber Eyes` Magic A`propos Good Luck - Youth Winner, BOS

Night National Dog Show - Bydgoszcz (PL)
Amber Eyes` Magic Amalka My Love - Youth Winner, Best Junior, BOB
Amber Eyes` Magic A`propos Good Luck - Youth Winner, BOS


Fantastic news from Arno's owner, Nathalie Heger!!!
International Dog Show Moeskroen in Belgium, judge: Rui Oliviera
Amber Eyes`Magic Arno Be Happy - 1st Exc BOB-Junior & BOB in front of 2 champions!!!

Thank you Natalie!


International Dog Show Bordeaux, judge: Renée Rault
Our young boy Amber Eyes`Magic Arno Be Happy owned and handled by Nathalie Heger, took BOB-Junior, in the main ring.
And Mr Arno won BIG1-Junior under Mr Sauge from Norway.
Finally and in great style, Arno won BEST IN SHOW 2 Junior under Mr Khomasuridze from Russia !!!

Thank you Nathalie!!!


International Dog Show Paris, judge: Sylvie Deserne
Amber Eyes'Magic Arno Be Happy (owned by Nathalie Heger) - BOB Junior & BOS
 We are very proud and happy!!!

Congrats Nathalie and good luck in future!!!


Internationa Dog Show Milano (IT)
 AmberEyes'Magic Amusing Follow Me "Riva" (owned by Danila and Loris) won Best Female in Junior class!

We are very happy and thank you very much Danila and Loris!! Good Luck in future!!




International Dog Show Vilus (LT)
First dog show for our PWD`s, both were in junior class.

Amber Eyes`Magic An Arrow of Fortune - Junior Winner

Amber Eyes`Magic Amalka My Love - Junior Winner, BOS


Our young PWD gain first success at the shows!

AEM Arno Be Happy "Arno" has many times Best Puppy
AEM Amalka My Love and A'propos Good Luck "Goofy"  has a Best Puppy Female and Best Puppy Male.

We are proud of all our babies!