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My mum (Beata) and me (Alex), started our big love for dogs early,
we had always dogs arround us.
But everything changed as our first Bernese came to our house very unusual - he walked in to our garden in 1999.
He was an about 4 years old male, called Saman - from first minute
we falled in love with him. He had an owner, but liked much more
to be by us, and even his owner taked him home, more times,
he always escaped from there and came back to us, and finally
he could stay. Unfortunatelly he couldn't enjoy his happy dog
life long - after 2 years he get a serious sickness and we couldn't save him, he went to the rainbow bridge to early.
But he will be always in our memory and we will never forget that becouse him we started our real crazy life.

           In 2002 arrived to us our second
Bernese, Papõrségi Fiorella, with whom we started to learn about the breed, started to visit shows and started to know more and more people and breeds.
Since then much things changed, from two crazy "
Dog Ladies"
we are growen to a crazy "
DogFamily, and at start we had 2 dogs and now these number is more then dublicated, and we have a real "DogGang",
to which belongs the
Portuguese Water Dog (Cao de Aqua, Portugal Vizikutya, Portugalski Pies Dowodny),
Bernese Mountain Dog and Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen

Special thanks to Wieslaw for help in supporting our dreams!

Our love for dogs growen to a passion and lifestyle.
We choose a super place to live, where is plenty place, beautiful nature, close to the main city of Hungary, Budapest.

Our goal for the future
belongs on the quality
and NOT quantity breeding.


Please, when are you interested in our puppy read some very importand articles, what you can find on our web under "LINKS"

Health, well balanced caracters and beauty is the most important for us.

Dear Visitor enjoy our world of the AmberEyes' Magic Kennel, you are welcome!